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Recettes de grand-mère Doulet

Grand-mère Doulet

Grand-mère Doulet

Ah grand-mère Doulet.. quelle cuisinière hors paire ! Elle adorait passer du temps en cuisine pour concocter de bons petits plats à toute la famille.  

Sharing – it’s the value that our great grandparents wanted to pass on to us.  but greed, we want to share it with you all! 

Here are some recipes from families which accompany  our wines to perfection. You already have the water in your mouth and the quivering taste buds? Take a small cup of creamy! 


Lamb stew accompanying the garden peas/crispy carrots 

Slice of Scottish salmon cooked unilaterally and its beans with salted butter from Guérande 

Marinated Chicken Tenderloin with crème fraîche de Normandie on its bed of blue-veined potatoes 

Duck parmentier du Sud Ouest & salade avec sa pointe d’huile d’olive 


Norman Apple Piescoop of vanilla ice cream 

Chocolate Cake and a hint of whipped cream

Yogurt Cake with blueberries from the woods

Tiramisù revisited with its boudoirs, delicate strawberry pieces and creamy mascarpone 

Cocktails made in Limoux

Mojito Princier

Blanquette de Limoux

4cl of Cuban Rum 

Half a lime 

3 mint leaves 

1 spoonful of brown sugar 

3 gouttes d’Angostura 

110 cl of Blanquette 

Of the crushed ice 

Serve in a Mojito glass 

Pétillant Watermelon

Crémant blanc

3 cl melon syrup 

6 diced pieces of Gariguette strawberries 

1 mint leaf  

10 cl Crémant blanc 

Serve in a glass of champagne 


Crémant rosé

4 cl rose syrup 

1 cl squeezed lemon juice 

10 cl de Crémant rosé 

1 half slice of yellow lemon on the side 

Serve in a glass of champagne