Our story

Albert Doulet

Albert Doulet

Since 1895

Epernay 1895, the year our ancestor was born. A first “bubble” is forming in the history of the family; precursor of the effervescence in the Champagne region. From bubbles to bubbles, from generation to generation the methods are refined, move.. travel.. and settle not far from Carcassonne to give birth to our creamy Limoux.. a sumptuous ballet of history, flavours and passion, today perpetuated by the three great grandsons of dear Albert Doulet.

Passion always has a beginning. Albert Doulet fell into the bubbles at an early age – no panic, no one fell into a barrel! It was in the Champagne region in 1902 that he began his first experiments, his first cuvées, his first blends and especially his first successes. In fact, it was with his first cuvée that he seduced our great-grandmother – what a Don Juan!

Their children took up the torch, continuing to take care of the vines like the apple of their eyes. Then, over time, in the mid-1980s, their granddaughter moved to Limoux, without really giving up champagne, but rather developing other bubbles in the south of France. Another style, another desire to perpetuate family traditions, Marie has learned to combine quality dishes with her wines. , to make Limoux, a new jewel. Today the three sons of Mary continue the adventure of the bubble and who knows, maybe their own children will also fall in, a bit like our ancestor!